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About Us

Gaming Gives partners with various organizations to develop free-to-download games for mobile devices that allow users to give through the simple act of playing a game. In the traditional games found on the App Store, game developers keep 100% of the profits generated through advertising revenue; what Gaming Gives does differently is to donate a majority percentage of the profits generated from the advertising revenue directly back to the organization that the game was created for. When partnering with Gaming Gives, an organization receives a product that can be endlessly promoted because the more people that play, the more money that goes back to the organization! We are a company built on fostering new relationships, and we encourage everybody who is interested to reach out and start a dialogue with us!

How You Can Help

Download Our Game

Our first game will be hitting the App store soon! Make sure to follow us on Social Media and subscribe to our newsletter to receive information as our first, and subsequent apps are released! Click the link below to learn more about the games we have developed and the organizations they benefit!

Fight Against COVID19

Join us in the global effort to fight the Coronavirus Outbreak by downloading our first game , Triumph!, which will be hitting the App store soon. All of the Ad-revenue generated by players will be donated to the CDC Foundation in their efforts to combat the Coronavirus. Have fun playing this game while also knowing that the time that you spend playing is time spent DONATING to a great cause!

Donate to The Cause

A donation to Gaming Gives ensures that we can partner with organizations near and far to help as many people as possible! Any donations made after the initial launch of our website will go towards funding our first app that will raise money for the CDC foundation in their fight against the Coronavirus.

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